Training For Weight-Loss

Boxing is one of the best ways to torch fat, and tones up the body like no other form of exercise.

Unlike other weight loss vacations, our boxing training is high-impact and high-intensity. In a single hour you can burn hundreds of calories.

The combination of lunges, ducks, jabs and non-stop footwork provides a head-to-toe workout. While you train, you’ll do fat-burning workouts like skipping, running, punch bag workouts and lifting weights.

Are you ready to give your waistline the workout of its life?

Boxing’s dynamic movements ramp up your cardiovascular fitness too. Sparring drives up the heart rate as you try to land punches while dodging your opponent’s attacks.

Forget about the usual weight loss boot camps! To bust that belly, come to Havana for some of the world’s best boxing training.

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