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Traditional Cuban Boxing/Fitness Training

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Product Description

Teófilo Stevenson Lawrence, Félix Savón, José Nápoles, Kid Chocolate. These are just a few of the boxing heroes to have come out of Cuba’s gyms.  

In a country where professional sport was banned by Fidel Castro in ‘62, competitive amateur boxing is still encouraged. Despite limited training resources, the quality of Cuban boxing training is second-to-none.

Since the ‘72 Olympics, the communist nation has won almost 70 Olympic medals for boxing – half of gold.

“What do I need $10 million for when I have the backing of 11 million Cubans?” – Felix Savon chose his country over a lucrative offer to fight Mike Tyson.

Why is Cuban boxing so successful?

Children learn to box at school. The more gifted students are selected to go to specialist schools where they focus on honing their talents. With former champions supporting them, they devote their energy to training, and preparing to become Cuba’s future Olympians.

Boxing as an art form

The people of Cuban boxing as an art form – not just a sport.

It’s passionate and intelligent. Military-style training is combined with dance, rhythm and salsa music. Fluid movements are matched with ambition and a cast-iron focus. It’s a force to be reckoned with.

“Cubans like to box because of our temperament…Because of our idiosyncrasies and because we have needed to know how to defend ourselves.” – Teofilo Stevenson.

Best in class

Cuba’s boxing program remains one of the best on the planet, yet it’s still relatively unknown among boxers.

To get there before everyone else discovers it, book your Cuban boxing vacation today!


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